Our personal consultations and wedding hair rehearsals help you to feel confident, give you the chance to change things or ask questions and are the key to feeling relaxed and happy about how your hair will look on the day.

Your Personal Consultation

A personal consultation gives you the chance to meet us in a friendly environment and helps us to fully understand your needs, desires and aspirations.

We’ll look through the Flawless Wedding Hair portfolio to help you find inspiration and ideas, and we’ll assess your hair to ensure that your desired style is possible with your hair texture, length and face shape. Once we have created the look you want, we take photographs and make any necessary alterations based on your feedback.


Wedding Hair Style Rehearsal


Working in a relaxed atmosphere, where we’re constantly talking and discussing possibilities with you, we’ll create the perfect style for you, along with your bridesmaids and mothers of the bride and groom, if required.

Booking your wedding day styling


If you’d like to book us for your day, we will add all your details to our wedding planning sheet and ask for a deposit. We’re also happy to answer any questions you have.

You will receive….

  • Written confirmation of your booking and your desired style
  • Detailed hair maintenance plan
  • Agenda for the day to include working around make up, flowers, pictures and more, based on the details you have given us.
  • Estimate of the final price



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